National Primate Research Center of Thailand


Scope of Service

Non-clinical drug, vaccine and biopharmaceuticals testing in non-human primates
Safety pharmacology test
A wide range of services in the area of efficacy and toxicology

Cardiovascular Studies

Neurological Studies

Bone Studies

Reproductive Studies

Body Composition


Biochemistry Analysis

Hematology Analysis

Genetic Testing Services

Specialized NHP Imaging

Including MRI, pQCT, Ultrasound

Biological Products

Fresh and frozen tissues, blood, plasma and serum

(Source: WHO Global research on coronavirus disease database and European Animal Research Association sources)

Global overview of Laboratory animal use for COVID-19 vaccine research

European Animal Research Association (EARA) global overview of how animals are helping in Covid-19 research.

The monkeys behind Covid-19 vaccines research

  • COVIGEN DNA vaccine: BioNet Asia Co., Ltd
  • Baiya SARS-CoV-2 Vax 1, 2 Protein-subunit vaccine:
    Baiya Phytopharm Co., Ltd
  • ChulaCov19 mRNA vaccine: ChulaVR
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Process of protocol submission, review and payment

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